We regret to announce that KidsFunParty will be on sabbatical until further notice.

We'll be back with more Kids Fun Parties soon! =)

Thank you.

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Hi! :) My name is Karlin. Simplest I can descibe myself -> "a bibik-less working mother of 3". ;o) Couldn't be more concise! =D Proud to say, my domestic arrangements work fine for all of us (myself, hubby and kids). We're an average family, surviving in the suburban area of Kota Damansara. :-) Some might think I have my hands full already but I looooove doing kids' parties it's what keeps me sane! =D I'd fantasize my kids' birthday parties months ahead! Always looking out for cool ideas to keep the costs within my limited budget. So much so that 3 parties a year just ain't enuff for me anymore! ;-D ~ ~ ~

Sunday, December 12, 2010


Kids listening close to Aunty Sha's instructions... ;]

"Yeay, I won the Strawberry Shortcake body lotion!" ;P

Nisa & Arfan showing off their prizes.. :)

Musical chair... kids going aroooound the chairs... :D

The music stopped... ;D

"follow Aunty Sha, everybody!.." ;D

Everyone had loadsa FUN!! =D

Sunday, December 5, 2010

MYRA's 4th Birthday SWEET STRAWBERRY Cupcakes =)

Sweet Alisya Myra (^_^)

Strawberry-filled vanilla cupcakes! =D
Topped with grass & a strawberry
plus picture of the original Strawberry Shortcake
standing on petal shape gum paste :o)

Friday, December 3, 2010

MYRA's 4th Birthday SWEET STRAWBERRY Party Packs, Gifts & Prizes

Prizes for games at the party;
from Strawberry Shortcake toiletteries & stationeries,
to Strawberry hairclips, Strawberry fragrant bar soaps,
Strawberry-filled chewies, Strawberry-flavored chocolates... ;D
Party packs for babies;
Strawberry yoghurt dessert paired with banana baby bites,
plus a baby rattle! =)
Myra's Sweet Strawberry Party Packs were velvet pouch bags;
inside - a square container filled with fruits representing Strawberry Shortcake, baby sister Apple Dumplin' & best friend Orange Blossom ;-P

Gifts for loved ones were wrapped in Strawberry design wrappers & placed in a rattan basket

Gifts for each Kakak (au pair / party helper) ;o]
Sweet Strawberry T to wear at the party & a Strawberry foldable shopping bag

At the party site (L-R) - party bags, red heart-shaped balloons for each kid to take home & birthday presents for Myra from her friends

Friday, October 1, 2010

AMIRUL IMAN's 6th Birthday HOT WHEELS Parties! =D ...part III (at Skool Aunty Sha) ;]

3 cars go at a time, 1st to reach finish line gets a prize! ;]

Happy Iman (^_^)
Behind him, Kakak Ain distributing the yummy chocolate cake. :)


Iman colored his own name banner! =D
...simple but effective name banner. ;]

Iman with all his frenz at Taska Shaliza. :-)

Iman setting up the Hot Wheels race track :)

Each kid gets a HW race car! =)

Winners win gummy drops in mini tumblers or race car seatbelt cover! ;P

As party helpers, Kakaks (au pairs) wear caps and 'Pit Crew' tags :)

Side profile of HW cake... ;)
Iman's Hot Wheels Cake 2 =)

Hot Wheels Race Car Driver's License Invitation! ;D
in a tag & lanyard... packed in brown paper bag
with kids info card to reuse the tag after the party... ;o)

AMIRUL IMAN's 6th Birthday HOT WHEELS Parties! =D ...part II (at home with family) ;]

'Pit-Stop' sign (^_*)

Iman (centre) with (L-R) 2nd cousin Yusoff, Uncle Azad, cousins Adam & Ariz

Singing Happy Birthday... =)

Iman's Hot Wheels Cake 1

Red and blue 'fire' effect around the sides of the yummy chocolate cake


Another 'drop-jaw' cake by Aunty Marini! ;-D

Pssssst....... It's a cobra! ;P

Mr. Monkey... :)

Cute Lion sprinkled with sparkle dusts... :)

Sweet ellie with red cheeks and daisy :)

And of course, tall Mr. Giraffe! ;]


Saturday, September 25, 2010

AMIRUL IMAN's 6th Birthday HOT WHEELS Parties! =D ...part I (at home with frenz) ;]

Iman's 1st celebration at home was with his 'Gombak Clan' frenz. ;P
Kids coloring Hot Wheels coloring pages...
They were all put up immediately on the wall at the kids' corner. =)
Iman blowing his #6 candle... :)

Iman's Hot Wheels number '6' race track cuppies ;)

ERFAN's 1st Birthday SESAME STREET Birthday :)

Erfan's 3D Sesame Street Cake! =D

Erfan with Mama blowing no.1 candle... :)

Erfan with Papa adoring their home-made Elmo pinata! =)