We regret to announce that KidsFunParty will be on sabbatical until further notice.

We'll be back with more Kids Fun Parties soon! =)

Thank you.

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Hi! :) My name is Karlin. Simplest I can descibe myself -> "a bibik-less working mother of 3". ;o) Couldn't be more concise! =D Proud to say, my domestic arrangements work fine for all of us (myself, hubby and kids). We're an average family, surviving in the suburban area of Kota Damansara. :-) Some might think I have my hands full already but I looooove doing kids' parties it's what keeps me sane! =D I'd fantasize my kids' birthday parties months ahead! Always looking out for cool ideas to keep the costs within my limited budget. So much so that 3 parties a year just ain't enuff for me anymore! ;-D ~ ~ ~

Thursday, January 28, 2010

NEAT CUPCAKES For January Birthdays! =)

NEAT Bugsy CUPCAKES for Nick...
Happy 3rd Birthday, Nick!
Hope you enjoy eating the bugs as much as we enjoy just looking at them! ;D

NEAT Sweet Girl CUPCAKES for Sarah...
Happy 5th Birthday, Sarah!
You're the sweetest! :-) xXx
~ NEAT Butterfly Garden CUPCAKES ~

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ahoy, Matey! We're Calling For A PIRATE Birthday Party! =)

Kids Fun Party is currently working on several cool, fun party themes... TRANSFORMERS party, BUMBLEBEE party, DIBO party, BUTTERFLY party, WINNIE THE POOH party, WONDER PETS party, and more... They're all sooo FUN, FUN, FUN! =D

Many other themes are also available and right now Kids Fun Party is 'itching' to work on a PIRATE party! ;o] Many cool party ideas await! ;-D This theme is most suitable for above 5-year olds. :-) Any takers?? Call, text or e-mail us now! =o]

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

IMAN's 5th Birthday BEN10 Party

Ben10 Cake with "Iman" and "5" candle in blue

Amirul Iman (the botak one) with Teachers and Best Fren Danish Harris :-)

Happy friends showing off their Ben10 Coloring Books ;o)

Nite before the party...
Iman & adik-adik decorating his own Ben10 party bag
to bring all the coloring books to kindi next day =)

There are only 8 princesses in 5 Baghdad,
Genius Aulad @Kota Damansara (class 2009) :-)

Ben10 Coloring Book with Stickers & a Ben10 Button Badge
Iman signed his own 'Thank You' Cards, each of them! ;o)
Nak jugak bagi coloring book Ben10 Cartoon Network yang original,
so the packing as you can see is very the sempoi! ;D

Monday, January 18, 2010

MYRA's 2nd Birthday HEARTY Party

Party Boxes for Babies
Inside Each Box: Gerber Jar, Finger Biscuit, a Hanky
& Cute Insect Squeeze Toy

MYRA's 2nd Birthday HEARTY Chocolate Cake
She helped decorate herself! =)

MYRA's 2nd Birthday HEARTY Edible Invite =)
Heart-Shaped Ginger Cookies with Licorice Strings
was given to invitees in envelope
Can also be door gift or TQ token,
Can also put in brown paper decorated with Hearty decor

Another Fun Color-Coded Birthday Celebration
at Taska Shaliza, Kota Damansara ;-)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

MYRA's BUTTERFLY 3rd Birthday Party

MYRA's BUTTERFLY Chocolate Lollies! Yummie!! =)

Cute & Colorful Chocolate Lollies =)

was plain white with just "ALISYA MYRA" in the center
and some yellow butterflies flying around it... ;)

MYRA's 3rd Birthday BUTTERFLY Party at Kindi =)