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Hi! :) My name is Karlin. Simplest I can descibe myself -> "a bibik-less working mother of 3". ;o) Couldn't be more concise! =D Proud to say, my domestic arrangements work fine for all of us (myself, hubby and kids). We're an average family, surviving in the suburban area of Kota Damansara. :-) Some might think I have my hands full already but I looooove doing kids' parties it's what keeps me sane! =D I'd fantasize my kids' birthday parties months ahead! Always looking out for cool ideas to keep the costs within my limited budget. So much so that 3 parties a year just ain't enuff for me anymore! ;-D ~ ~ ~

Saturday, March 20, 2010

UMAR SYAF'IE's 1st Birthday SOCCER Party

Prizes for Games...
Stationeries, clocks, watches, picture frames... All-Soccer! ;)

Goal Post Centerpiece for birthday boy to take pics with friends /guests :)

Azad Arif writing a message to Umar Syafi'e for his '1st Birthday Time Capsule'
Also at the reception : (1) Register by writing your name on your lanyard (2) Guess how many soccer ball chocs are in the jar (3) get your party bags and loose Candy Bag to fill at the Candy Bar! :D
Register and choose your team - Man U, Chelsea, Arsenal or Liverpool ;o)

From right : Candy Bar, Goal Post Centerpiece, Gift Table, laptop and speaker station for audio effects, Soccer Balloon Bouquet and moving tray for Games' Prizes

The Candy Bar...
Yup, all you can take! Aint that FUN?!! =D
Coloring stationeries (color pencils, crayons and magic pens) & Soccer Coloring Pages

Kids having fun at The Coloring Corner
Nadzirah showing off her Soccer Clock prize she won for 'Pin The Soccer Player'; A Soccer version of blindfold game 'Pin The Tail'... ;o)

UMAR SYAF'IE's 1st Birthday SOCCER Cake

All smiles... :-) So glad Syafie and Umi like his Soccer Cake! :)

UMAR SYAF'IE's 1st Birthday SOCCER Party Bags

SOCCER Party Bags were given to kids only...

Adults got these cute SOCCER BALL Chocolate-Coated Oreo Cookies! =D

SOCCER Activity Kit comprise of Maze, Connect-The-Dots and Coloring Pages plus crayons

Inside each party bag were Football Team Lanyards with guest's name written on it, SOCCER Activity Kit, some drinks, and some snacks in a loose CANDY Bag... So kids can help themselves and "Fill 'Em Up" at the party's CANDY Bar! That's loadsa FUN... having your hands deep in every CANDY jar! =D

Make your pick! Umar Syafie's SOCCER Party Bags came in 4 teams' designs;
Man U, Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea :-)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

SYAZA RAIHA's 9th Birthday WINNIE THE POOH Cake! :-)

Just couldn't snap enuff pictures of Syaza's WINNIE THE POOH Cake!
Every angle is just sooo preciously adorable!! =)

Yup, pictures were taken in the car, in the rain! ;-)

TQ again, Aunty Marini, for another great job well done! :-)

Monday, March 8, 2010

SYAZA RAIHA's 9th Birthday WINNIE THE POOH Party Packs :-)

Syaza's red glossy paperbag party packs were filled with party snacks, WINNIE THE POOH coloring sheets and WINNIE THE POOH stickers sheet

Party packs for babies were yellow instead. Each was filled with a baby rattle, Baby Bites for party snack and a sheet of WINNIE THE POOH stickers to decorate baby's high chair or playpen or drawers or anywhere at all! ;-)

Here are just some of the coloring pages in Syaza's party activity kit! ;-)