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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

IMAN's 5th Birthday BEN10 Party

Ben10 Cake with "Iman" and "5" candle in blue

Amirul Iman (the botak one) with Teachers and Best Fren Danish Harris :-)

Happy friends showing off their Ben10 Coloring Books ;o)

Nite before the party...
Iman & adik-adik decorating his own Ben10 party bag
to bring all the coloring books to kindi next day =)

There are only 8 princesses in 5 Baghdad,
Genius Aulad @Kota Damansara (class 2009) :-)

Ben10 Coloring Book with Stickers & a Ben10 Button Badge
Iman signed his own 'Thank You' Cards, each of them! ;o)
Nak jugak bagi coloring book Ben10 Cartoon Network yang original,
so the packing as you can see is very the sempoi! ;D

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