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Hi! :) My name is Karlin. Simplest I can descibe myself -> "a bibik-less working mother of 3". ;o) Couldn't be more concise! =D Proud to say, my domestic arrangements work fine for all of us (myself, hubby and kids). We're an average family, surviving in the suburban area of Kota Damansara. :-) Some might think I have my hands full already but I looooove doing kids' parties it's what keeps me sane! =D I'd fantasize my kids' birthday parties months ahead! Always looking out for cool ideas to keep the costs within my limited budget. So much so that 3 parties a year just ain't enuff for me anymore! ;-D ~ ~ ~

Sunday, April 18, 2010

ARFAN AKMAL's 5th Birthday SPONGEBOB Party :o)

Myra grabbed her Spongebob Candy & Lolly first! =)
Cool Spongebob prints on your T, Myra! ;o)

Spongebob Lolly Stand surrounded by cute Spongebob Candy Boxes :)

Close-up of Spongebob Candy Box :)

...so you know where the party was... ;D

Close-up of KidsFunParty's Spongebob Lollies B)

Thank you, Mama Arfan, for the opportunity... ;-*

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